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Are you trying to locate your Bank of America routing number?

Since routing numbers for the Bank of America vary by state, it can be unclear how to find the precise number while doing a quick internet search.

However, you do not need to worry, as the entire list has been broken out into the following table for your convenience.

Once you find your routing number, you can pay bills, set up direct deposits, order checks, make ACH transfers, etc.

And if you need to send money through a wire transfer, you’ll need a separate number, but we will cover that information too.

Do you remember where you opened your Bank of America account?

When searching for any Bank of America routing numbers, your search should be based on the state you first opened your chequing or savings account.

State/Branch Routing Number
Alabama 051000017
Alaska 051000017
Arizona 122101706
Arkansas 082000073
California 121000358
Colorado 123103716
Connecticut 011900254
Delaware 031202084
Florida, East 063100277
Florida, West 063100277
Georgia 061000052
Hawaii 051000017
Idaho 123103716
Illinois, South 081904808
Illinois, North 071000505
Illinois, Chicago Metro 081904808
Illinois, Chicago Metro (paper)* 071103619
Indiana 071214579
Iowa 073000176
Kansas 101100045
Kentucky 064000020
Louisiana 051000017
Maine 011200365
Maryland 052001633
Massachusetts 011000138
Michigan 072000805
Minnesota 071214579
Mississippi 051000017
Missouri East/St. Louis 081000032
Missouri West/Kansas City 081000032
Missouri West/Kansas City (paper)* 101000035
Montana 051000017
Nebraska 051000017
Nevada 122400724
New Hampshire 011400495
New Jersey 021200339
New Mexico 107000327
New York 021000322
North Carolina 053000196
North Dakota 051000017
Ohio 071214579
Oklahoma 103000017
Oregon 323070380
Pennsylvania 031202084
Rhode Island 011500010
South Carolina 053904483
South Dakota 051000017
Tennessee 064000020
Texas, North 111000025
Texas, South 111000025
Texas, South (paper)* 113000023
Utah 123103716
Vermont 051000017
Virginia 051000017
Washington 125000024
Washington, D.C. 054001204
West Virginia 051000017
Wisconsin 051000017
Wyoming 051000017

Most of the routing numbers above can be used for automatic payment, direct deposits, ACH transfers, and ordering checks.

* We have, however, identified 3 locations that use a different ABA routing number for paper services such as ordering checks.

  • Illinois, Chicago Metro
  • Missouri West/Kansas City
  • Texas, South

Wire routing number for Bank of America

Are you planning on receiving a domestic wire transfer?

You will need to use different numbers, a Bank of America wire routing transit number.

For transfers within the United States, the number is 026009593.

If you need to send a wire transfer to someone domestically, you will need to provide the following information;

  1. The recipient’s name and address (as per their account)
  2. The recipient’s bank account number and routing number

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Bank of America SWIFT code for international wire transfers

The routing number becomes a Bank of America SWIFT code for international transfers: BOFAUS3N.

The corresponding address is:

You can use this SWIFT code for incoming international wire transfers received in U.S. dollars or if the currency is unknown. 

For transfers received in a foreign currency, the SWIFT code and corresponding address is BOFAUS6S:

A SWIFT code is also known as Bank Identifier Code or BIC code.

Additional information is often required when sending or receiving an international wire transfer.

Bank of America requires specific details about the recipient and their bank;

  1. Recipient’s full name (as per their account information)
  2. The recipient’s bank name, bank address, and country
  3. The recipient’s bank routing code
  4. The recipient’s account number
  5. Their bank’s SWIFT code, IBAN, or National ID
  6. Reason for the transfer (example: family remittance, personal payments, export remittance, salary, etc.). 

Some countries will also request additional information to process international wires.

Depending on the location, the requirement could be an International Payments System Routing Code (IRC)International Bank Account Number (IBAN), the Indian Financial Services Code (IFSC), or the CLABE Account Number required by Mexico.

What is a routing number? 

In the United States, financial institutions use an ABA nine-digit code to identify themselves. This code is known as the routing number or ABA routing numbers (ABA-RNT).

It’s frequently a question, does my routing number matter? Yes, these numbers ensure that your funds transfer correctly.

If you plan on making a wire transfer, contact your bank beforehand to ensure you gather all the information you need and know all the steps ahead of time.

Since wire transfers tend to be irreversible, double-check all your account’s personal and banking details and that of the recipient.

How to find your Bank of America routing number?

If you can’t remember the state you opened your account in or are not sure which routing number is correct, here are some additional ways to track down your routing number.

Use a check

If you keep a checkbook on hand, you can find your routing number at the bottom of the check.

The Bank of America routing number can be found at the bottom left of your checks as seen in the example below.

The routing number will be nine digits. Your account number will be to its right (this number can be between 7 to 16 digits).

Check showing Bank of America routing number

Contact Bank of America

For general account information, you can use the following number: 800-432-1000.

BOA business hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET.

For accessible banking, the Bank of America accepts relays calls; clients can dial 711 to connect.

For Spanish, dial 800-688-6086, they take calls during the same business hours as above.

For overseas calls, you should go through the operator to avoid fees for international calls. The number is 1-315-724-4022.

However, regardless of using an operator, you may still accrue roaming fees if using a cell phone.


Refer to the Federal Reserve’s website to find any bank’s routing numbers.

How do I find my routing number on the Bank of America app?

To locate your Bank of America routing number on the app, follow the following easy steps;

  • Sign in to the Bank of America app
  • Select your checking or saving account from the main page.
  • Your routing number will be listed under your account details.

If you are more visual, you can view this short video.

FAQ for Bank of America routing number

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